Siem Reap province is found in northwest Cambodia. It is a famous tourist destination with the renowned Angkor Wat Temple. Siem Reap city is located in the south of Siem Reap province, on the shore of the Tonle Sap Lake. The name of the city literally means Siam defeated, referring to the victory of the Khmer Empire over the army of the Kingdom of Siam (now Thailand) in the 17th century. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world, with a volume of stone equaling that of the Cheops pyramid in Egypt. It is unlike all the other Khmer temples in that it faces west, and its design is inspired by 12th Century Hinduism. Its symmetrical towers are depicted on the modern Cambodian flag.


Conceived by Suryavarman II, Angkor Wat took an estimated 30 years to build. It is generally believed to have been a funeral temple for the king. It has been occupied continuously by Buddhist monks and is well preserved.

The town is a cluster of small villages along the Siem Reap River. These villages were originally developed around Buddhist pagodas. These are almost evenly spaced along the river from Wat Preah En Kau Sei in the north to Wat Phnom Krom in the south, where the Siem Reap River meets the great Tonle Sap Lake. The main town is concentrated around Sivutha Street and the Phsar Chas (Old Market) area and Angkor Night Market where the old colonial buildings, shops and commercial districts stand brightly to welcome the guests.

There are a wide range of hotels, ranging from several 5-star hotels and chic resorts to hundreds of budget guesthouses. A large selection of restaurants offers many kinds of food, including Italian, Indian, French, German, Russian, Thai, Korea, Japanese and Burmese. Plenty of shopping opportunities exist in the Angkor Night Market and around the Phar Chas area. Siem Reap-Angkor International Airport serves the most tourist passengers to Cambodia. Most tourists come to Siem Reap to visit the Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, (about 6 km north of the city), and other temple ruins.

Now you can have a wonderful dining experience and Apsara Dance performance at Island Bar located in the botanical jungle garden in the Angkor Night Market. A trip to fishing villages and bird sanctuary is truly a recommended activity along with the visit to a craft workshop and silk farm and a bicycle tour around the rice paddies in the Siem Reap rural areas. Recently, Siem Reap has become 1st in Asia and 2nd in the world for the top 25 Traveler’ Choice Destinations in 2015, jumping seven places from last year’s ranking, as judged by the world’s largest website, TripAdvisor.