As the name would suggest, Kroma House is a shop set within a beautiful Khmer wood house, selling traditional Khmer kroma scarves, among many other carefully crafted items. With the artisans carrying out their skilled production right there, on site, you have the chance to watch the traditional weaving of textiles and the creation of other handicrafts, without leaving the Angkor Night Market. The iconic Kroma scarf has a very long history in Cambodia, valued by generations of Khmers for it’s multi-purpose usefulness. Still popular with modern day Cambodians, Kroma House sells the highest quality Kroma scarves in a stunning array of different colors and patterns, reflecting the culture of the people who make them. Various beautifully made clothes and accessory items are also on offer, plus some traditional carved crafts, such as shadow puppets and relief carvings. What’s more, you have the opportunity to purchase authentic Cambodian quality products direct from the makers. Situated in Angkor Night Market next to Entrance A.